Zach D White

Zach D White - Solo Artist

Zach's current music styles have taken him to new territories. While infusing the feel and energy of bluegrass and Celtic music with the songs and grit of southern blues and early rock and roll, something beautiful has sprouted. Zach delivers sweet tonal melodies with rich harmonies, backed with a deep steady rhythm. Always looking to set himself apart from the rest, he rids himself of genre-specific presuppositions. For example: playing traditional bluegrass songs like "Nine Pound Hammer" or "Shady Grove", he redesigns them into something much more unique than their previously performed variations. Describing his recent musical ideas, Zach said, "Imagine if Doc Watson and young Elvis Presley had done a session together; the evolution of that sound is what I do”

Zach is currently accepting bookings for solo performance. Feel free to contact him by phone (615-696-ZACH (9224)) or email

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