Zach D White

Zach D White - Session Musician

Zach is a seasoned performer and enjoys playing traditional bluegrass flatpicking and fingerstyle, old jazz and country ballads, modern country electric guitar, classical guitar, and the new sounds of Nashville’s great songwriters. Trained at Belmont University’s commercial music program, he is able to deliver the sound you need and always ready to try something new. Performing around town and on the road with a number of groups based in Nashville, Zach is known not only for his stringed instrument skills, but also as an accomplished baritone vocalist and bassist in a variety of genres. Zach’s diverse musical talents and his commitment to communication and professional performance make him a valuable asset to any session.

Zach is currently accepting bookings for session musician work. Feel free to contact him by phone (615-696-ZACH (9224)) or email

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